License #: CGC 1517300


3. Change Order Management

At GCMS, we know the importance of effective change order management. This is the quickest way to go over budget and cause issues with lenders. Our philosophy is to challenge the validity of each change order. The nature of the change, who initiated the change and the amount of the change, will be verified by GCMS. Changes, we will negotiate with the general contractor on behalf of the owner to ensure that the owner's bottom line is not affected. Our experience shows us that a large percent of change orders occur because no one challenges why the change order is needed - at GCMS we will challenge every change order to protect the bottom line. We will present the owner with a change order log monthly to keep aware of any and all changes.
  1. Preconstruction Coordination Conference
  2. Critical Path Schedule Management
  3. Change Order Management
  4. Payment Application Management
  5. RFI's / Critical Issues Management
  6. Building Turnover Management
  7. Quality Control
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